Rock Band Karaoke = ROCKAOKE

ROCKAOKE on the "Knees Up" stage - Brits 2010 Aftershow
ROCKAOKE on the “Knees Up” stage – Brits 2010 Aftershow

Not only are ROCKAOKE the UK’s most in-demand karaoke band, they are one of the busiest bands in the UK full stop. Around 200 gigs in 2009! Over 1,000 gigs since they started out. A band that have had knocking on 30,000 lead vocalists surely deserve a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

While the band have been doing the business, the business has achieved something that most businesses dream of achieving but very rarely do. Like the weblog became the blog, sometime in 2009 rock band karaoke became ROCKAOKE.  We can’t really claim to have invented the name and we don’t have a trademark on it – others have tried but have failed to stop others using it cos it is such a generic term. But we used it first, we popularised the word in London (and therefore the UK), we’ve attracted loads of press and media attention and now the word is on everybody’s lips.

Recent press in The Times and Cosmopolitan/Company/OK magazines use the word ROCKAOKE. Such is the general acceptance of the word ROCKOAKE as part of the English language that Chris Moyles regularly refers to us by our band name on the BBC – how’s that for priceless promo! And seeing the word ROCKAOKE up large at the recent Brits 2010 Aftershow was awesome.

In hindsight, it looks like we chose our band name and web domain well. It did seem like a good name at the time simvastatin 5mg. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Most of it involving hard work and stuff.