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Fancy something a bit different? As well as the traditional Rockaoke format, we can also offer a live interactive music quiz, musical bingo, the Ultimate Rockstar Experience and more. Just pick and choose from the list below…

 the ultimate rockstar experience 

JML Studio-66

Through their close relationship with award winning production companies, ROCKAOKE are now able to deliver The ULTIMATE ROCKSTAR EXPERIENCE from start to finish – from concept to complete event delivery. Through these links they can now provide on-line auditions, rehearsal day / workshops, VT filming, photo shoots, staging, lighting and live event filming of the final show.


Check out these videos to see how rockstars are made:

musical chaos – live interactive music quiz 

With hundreds of songs in the repertoire, energetic and creative hosts and a love of music trivia it was only a matter of time before ROCKAOKE developed their own take on the traditional music quiz. Completely bespoke to your event theming, they provide rounds that mix the standard music quiz with ROCKAOKE madness. Test yourself with live intros / riffs, beat the night club singer, try to sing the next line or pick or dare to take on the ROCKAOKE challenge. They have bamboozled contestants with Musical Chaos from the fields of Isle of Wight Festival to corporate events at Hard Rock Cafe.


check out this video for a taster:

 “Rockaoke created a Live Musical Quiz for us at the Hard Rock Cafe in December.  The quiz was perfectly pitched at our audience, with lots of relevant rounds which were both fun and interactive. The live rounds were great but the highlight had to be the sing the next line round which turned into a huge Bon Jovi sing-a-long at the end of the night – all in all, a great event” Faye Lewington – Senior Client Relationship Manager – BDO.



live rockaoke bingo 


The arrival of music based bingo across the last few years has prompted ROCKAOKE to use their skills to develop a live music version of the old classic. Taking on the original bingo format, swapping numbers for songs and then throwing all their ROCKAOKE love at it, they will work with you to create bingo rounds that involve live tunes, you singing, everyone dancing, and lots of very silly prizes.

 “The guys from Rockaoke really brought our Christmas party to life; their energy and enthusiasm, however ridiculous the task, was infectious. The Musical Bingo element was a hit with everyone and was tailored perfectly to fit with our music through the ages theme. Even the prizes were great…anyone for a One Direction calendar?” Rosie Martin – Shelton Fleming ltd



acoustaoke – rockaoke unplugged

Occasionally the band get asked to provide a slightly lower key alternative to the usual barnstorming rock sets and for this reason we now have a stripped down, acoustic version of what we do – perfect for kids parties, front room / camp fire sing-alongs, or as a roaming jukebox. They still have the 200 + song set list but instead of the usual live gear they bring a double bass, some percussion and an acoustic guitar to give a more relaxed vibe to proceedings. CLICK HERE to find out more.

The success of the ACOUSTAOKE format prompted Persil to use it as the central point of their festival brand activation in 2012. Have a look at this video to relive the fun:

celebrity rockaoke


Over the years, ROCKAOKE have gathered a celebrity fan club. Working with celeb singers and co-hosts always adds a little bit of stardust to ROCKAOKE shows and the band have worked with the likes of Chris Moyles, James Corden, Greg James, Shaun Williamson and many more. Sharing the stage with X factor drop-out Frankie Cocozza proved a massive hit at Keele University in November 2012. 2,600 students packed the union to enjoy Frankie’s slightly erratic display but also to sing their lungs out with the rockstars on stage! If you want to add an extra bit of pizazz, a surprise duet or a competition prize then Rockaoke know the celebs to do it.

our lovely friends

ROCKAOKE have been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented and creative people in the entertainment industry and have close working relationships with an array of splendid DJ’s, photographers, videographers, choreographers and production companies. They all love what the band do and understand exactly how they do it. If you are interested in having any of these extras at your event then we will happily recommend people that compliment what we do and will help make your gig become even more memorable.



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