It is rare that you get asked to be involved in something that has never been done before. On saturday may 15th, ROCKAOKE are going to be doing just that. Breaking new ground where angels and maybe even Robbie Williams soundalikes fear to tread.

TRIBUTE 2010 = see www.tributeni.com

TRIBUTE is a completely unique, alternative credit crunch festival celebrating the greatest rock and pop anthems of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s alongside a headline performance by live karaoke rock band, Rockaoke – and YOU!

For the first time in history, you, the audience will headline your very own music festival.

TRIBUTE will be an all-inclusive, sing-a-long extravaganza, playing out as a history through Rock. There are 3 of the UKs premier tribute bands on the bill. HOT FUSS, ZU2 (easy to work out what they are all about) and MAURICE JAY’S PLEASURE DOME (a tribute to the 80s). But they are only the warm-up for the star attraction. Which is you – with ROCKAOKE as your backing band.

We have worked in Belfast 3 times before – twice at The Empire Music Hall, 2 nights amongst the best gigs of our lives. And most recently in december doing “Caroloke” with the CHRIS MOYLES SHOW at the Mandela Hall, Queens Uni. Belfast is just such a terrific place to visit and to work in. And we can’t wait to get back there in may.

So much so, infact, that we are heading back there next week – 1 month ahead of schedule. We are flying into Belfast and then heading for Derry on the 8th april and Dublin on the 9th to do 2 launch night / warm-up / audition events – at Sandinos and The Village respectively. Here are some links to these events on Facebook:

ROCKAOKE North-West debut – Sandinos, Derry

ROCKAOKE Dublin debut – The Village, Wexford St, Dublin

We’ll be blogging more about these events next week and about TRIBUTE 2010 in the next month. And if anyone wants to come on tour to Belfast with us in may, please contact us using the usual methods.