ROCKAOKE Sundays @ PROUD, Camden

ROCKAOKE Sundays @ PROUD, Camden - launch night 23 may 2010
ROCKAOKE Sundays @ PROUD, Camden - launch night 23 may 2010

ROCKAOKE NIGHTS return to the home of karaoke’s much cooler older bro’ – PROUD, Camden.

ROCKAOKE are the UKs original karaoke rock band, inviting their audience to live the dream by jumping on stage, grabbing the mic, fronting their own live rock band and getting a crowd going crazy.

The band and the concept made headlines back in 2006 when Ricky Wilson jumped on stage with ROCKAOKE @ IBIZA ROCKS to sing “I Predict a Riot”.

One of the last bands to play the old PROUD GALLERIES back in august 2007, ROCKAOKE became a firm favourite at PROUD over the next few years.

ROCKAOKE have performed with over 25,000 different lead singers – all wannabe rockstars and some actual superstars like Justin Lee Collins, Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre, James Corden, Jeremy Clarkson etc…

Shows with CHRIS MOYLES in 2009 introduced ROCKAOKE to 8,000,000 Radio 1 listeners. In september 2009, the band toured with Chris to celebrate his show becoming the longest running Radio 1 breakfast show ever!

And now on 23/05/2010, ROCKAOKE are launching monthly Sunday ROCKAOKE NIGHTS @ PROUD.

So, if you want something cooler than karaoke but more interactive and hands-on than a live rock band, come down to ROCKAOKE NIGHTS @ PROUD and get your lips dirty!

up-and-coming ROCKAOKE NIGHTS @ PROUD (8 til 11.30 – free admission)

Sunday 23rd may 2010 – Sunday 27th june 2010 – Sunday 25th july 2010

“Most fun ever? We reckon so” – TIME OUT, LONDON

“So wrong – it’s right” – IBIZA ROCKS

“Karaoke’s much cooler older brother” – SUNDAY TIMES

“It’s such a good idea! Get a band – and then you do karaoke” – CHRIS MOYLES


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