Ben Atkins

Hi Rock Stars!

Please forgive the delay in sending this but I have not been back at Crisis HQ since the event until today. I hope I expressed on the night how grateful we all were for your involvement.  The members you performed with were clearly having the time of their lives, I spoke to Henry immediately after he came off stage and he apologised to me as he said it was such a great experience that he was short of words.

One of the Crisis staff in attendance, who works with the members on a regular basis, was blown away by the performances and said that it was the best Crisis event that she had ever been to.  She hadn’t even been drinking at that point!

Your professional but relaxed approach made you a pleasure to work with and made my job so much easier.  I’m now proclaiming to be officially your biggest fan/groupie.

Thank you again guys, I hope you know that it made the night for the volunteers to have you there and gave the members an experience that they will never forget.

Gush over!