ROCKAOKE NIGHTS @ Karaoke Box, Smithfield

ROCKAOKE NIGHT @ Karaoke Box - launch night 31/3/010
ROCKAOKE NIGHTS @ Karaoke Box, Smithfield - launch night 31/3/2010

LAUNCH NIGHT 31/3/2010 and every 2nd & last wednesday.

We are looking forward to our first ROCKAOKE NIGHT at Karaoke Box, Smithfield. It is live band karaoke’s first venture into hardcore karaoke territory in London and it will be interesting to see how we get on. Our nights at OK Karaoke in Leeds were successful – marred only by the tiny stage and the amount of Sambuca that seemed to find its way into our guitarist. Karaoke Box is small too – but the stage is OK and I think we are going to have a great night!

The signs are good. Already 10 songs requested at – get your song request in quick if you want to sing tomorrow. Admission is free and we will be on stage between 8-11pm.

The really good news is that there are drinks sponsors. Asahi beer – though I can’t help thinking that Singha beer would be a better fit at Karaoke Box. And Bacardi! That’s a dream come true for us. The Mojito is the official drink of Rockaoke as hotel night porter’s throughout the land will grudgingly vouch for. And now we have the name “Bacardi” on our flyers. Happy days.

Hope to see you down at Karaoke Box tonight 🙂

Shitbiscuits! I’m driving 🙁