The ROCKAOKE Punks of Soho

Well so far this year ROCKAOKE at Punk in Soho has been shit-hot. We have been doing the second and last Fridays of the month at Punk, and ROCKAOKE has seen a packed house every time, with the usual array of weird and wonderful singers/performances. Some more memorable than others –  i.e a very strange performance of “Poker Face” which the travelling fans from Sunderland (clearly a new thing to the North East massive) found quite off the wall!! Just a normal night a Punk then!

We have also seen the addition of two new ROCKAOKE boys – Steve (drums), and Al (Bass), to give the legends that are Basil and Jon a wee bit of respite from all the travelling. Jon and Basil must be the hardest working guys in showbiz!

With popularity of the live band karaoke concept growing week by week, Punk really is the coolest place in London to sing with ROCKAOKE.