The Best Wedding Band Ever!


Sorry this isn’t a beauty post (but there’s a tenuous link to fitness somewhere!): I have major post-wedding blues after helping organise a brilliant wedding last weekend so I had to write something about it to keep me sane. My friends Louise and Diego hosted the most beautiful, colourful, fun and personal wedding I’ve ever been to: there were home-made decorations and cakes, pretty tables laid with floral runners, rainbow bunting and some seriously good-looking guests (half were Spanish: think tanned, wild and fabulously dressed). It was very special and such an honour to help them with all the prep.

A big highlight was the evening’s entertainment. A few months ago, the bride and I (who have a penchant for karaoke) came across a brilliant act called Rockaoke. The band, of four fun male musicians on lead, bass and drums, belts out rocky classics and dancefloor fillers whilst YOU sing. They have a list of over 100 songs that you can sign yourself up for, with all the lyrics in a book on the stage. So there we were, in a bar in Soho full of complete strangers, singing our little hearts out with a rock band. Watching Louise perform, I knew we had to get them involved in her wedding.

And it happened: Rockaoke was their wedding band and they went down a storm. The first act – one of the bridesmaids – performed a Tina Turner number with all the signature moves, which got the whole crowd signing up for songs. It’s the ultimate limelight fantasy and it doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad, everyone will sing along and be on your side. The band themselves were brilliant – prompting each performer with their cue to start singing and filling in the lyrics when some guests were too (ahem) excited to follow the words on the book. Everyone was dancing (there’s the fitness part) and most of the guests got to sing, including the Spanish aunties with a lengthy Hey Jude and an 11-year old screaming Kaiser Chief’s Ruby. It was mad and the crowd was electric.

I’ve been to a lot of weddings and this was by far the best band and entertainment I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for something original, fun and memorable, get clicking and book .

by Alice diParcq – Alice is Brides’ Beauty and Features Editor and has been at the magazine since 2005. She got married to John du Parcq in June 2007 at Ramster, Chiddingfold, and lives in South West London.

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